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Existing Industry

Existing Businesses in Oxford, MS

Company/BusinessNumber of EmployeesProduct
University of Mississippi2,600Education
North Mississippi Regional Center1,100Institutional educational care
Baptist Memorial Hospital1,100Medical/Emergency services
Olin Corporation - Winchester Division1,100Manufacture Rimfire and Centerfire ammunitions and military packing operations
Wal-Mart Supercenter400Retail
Caterpillar, Inc.265High performance extrusions hose couplings
City of Oxford340City services
Borg Warner300Manufacture automotive throttle bodies
Lafayette County200County services
FNC Inc.180E-commerce software for mortgage loan underwriting and processing
S.W.M. Inc.111Shirts and uniforms
Ability Works70Production center/training facility
Roseburg Forest Products50Duramine laminated board
Hayakawa Electronics America, Inc.20Wire harnesses and electrical cable assemblies
North Mississippi Conveyor35Conveyor equipment
Miltec Research and Technology11Engineering services
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